Mobile Application Management - MAM

Mobile Application Management - MAM

Do more with secure mobile application management (MAM)

Drive business productivity with a mobile application security framework that enables you to distribute, protect, and manage apps at scale.

Help users find apps faster

Provide users with a curated list of IT-approved business apps via an enterprise app storefront.

  • Simplify discovery of internal apps and approved public apps via Apps@Work.
  • Publish apps to Apps@Work directly from Apple, Google, and Microsoft app stores.
  • Scale app license management with the Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) and MobileIron.

Automate configuration of app settings and policies

Leverage OS-specific app configuration frameworks and containerization technologies to deploy apps at scale and enhance mobile app security.

  • Enforce app-level PIN access and SSO.
  • Silently push app configurations to mobile devices.
  • Consistently enforce DLP policies such as open-in and copy/paste restrictions.
Automate Config

Keep company data safe and personal data private

FIPS 140-2 certified cryptography secures business data. App containerization gives IT complete control over business data while personal data like texts and pictures are kept separate and private from administrators.

Fast, easy, no-hassle, secure connectivity

With per-app VPN, securely accessing behind-the-firewall resources is as simple as launching an app. Per-app VPN supports mobile application security by establishing a secure communication channel from the app to the data center. Best of all, it happens automatically without any user intervention. Employees can instantly access secure web applications such as HR portals, billing apps, and approval processes from their mobile devices — no added security hassles or need to connect through the corporate network.

MobileIron Tunnel

Stay ahead of the rapidly evolving mobile threat landscape

Proactive defenses such as advanced jailbreak detection and posture-based access control keep non-compliant devices from accessing business data. If devices are ever lost or stolen, you can selectively wipe business apps and data so they don’t fall into the wrong hands. Strong user and device authentication enables complete access control to the network and enterprise cloud services.

  • Active jailbreak detection includes support for offline devices.
  • Secure inline gateway ensures only compliant devices and authorized apps can access corporate resources.
  • Selective wipe allows users or IT to remotely wipe business data off a device.
With MobileIron AppConnect, we can secure our app in MobileIron technology and then let users hit our servers through a secure tunnel. It’s going to be seamless for them.
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