Software and Technology

Software and Technology

The enterprise mobility management (EMM) priorities for high tech organizations include the ability to support BYOD programs, multi-OS support, distribution of productivity apps and securing data in documents stored in email and data in content repositories such as SharePoint.

Software and Technology organizations becoming Mobile First with MDM

While serving a highly demanding user base, Equinix's Information Security team often feels pressure to deliver and support the latest and greatest technology. When employees began using their own iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices for work-related tasks, the company realized it would need a way to not only keep track of which devices were accessing the corporate network, but also enforce security policies globally without adding to the workload of its lean Information Security staff.

To ensure it could meet the demands of its tech-savvy global workforce, Equinix's small information security staff implemented the MobileIron platform. Equinix implemented MobileIron with the intent to develop and efficiently deliver mobile apps. The company has already pushed out several in-house mobile apps through MobileIron Apps@Work. But putting the platform in place has done more than just streamline app delivery—it has also sparked a spirit of innovation across the company. To read more about the MobileIron solution deployed at Equinix read the case study here.

Key Features for Software and Technology:

Mobile Device Management - MDM

  • Multi-OS support for mobile operating systems including iOS, Android and Windows Phone as well as next-generation laptop operating systems such as Windows 8.1 and OS X.
  • Our platform enables BYOD programs as customers can provision and selectively wipe business data on an end-user’s device, including business email, apps, content, settings, and certificates, without wiping personal content contained on the device.
  • Certificate-based authentication preserves device and user identity and improves the user experience by not requiring ongoing username/password logins. Our platform has broad support for identity through both an embedded Certificate Authority (CA) as well as deep integration with enterprise certificate authorities from Entrust, Microsoft, and Symantec.

Mobile Application Management - MAM

  • Apps@Work provides a scalable system for publishing and provisioning internal and external mobile enterprise apps.
  • AppConnect containerizes applications to protect app data-at-rest and provides secure tunneling to protect app data-in-motion.
  • When deploying web apps, MobileIron Web@Work provides secure enterprise access and containerization of cached HTML 5 data.

Mobile Content Management - MCM

  • Mobile Data Loss Prevention (DLP) ccontrols for email, email attachments, documents, native apps, and web apps.
  • MobileIron Docs@Work provides secure remote access to local storage of SharePoint documents.
  • When deploying web apps, MobileIron Web@Work provides secure enterprise access and containerization of cached HTML 5 data.