The enterprise mobility management (EMM) priorities for retail companies include managing multi-user devices, and deploying and securing apps for operational processes. Retail organizations have specific mobile security needs, such as ensuring PCI compliance so that strong authentication, audit logging, and appropriate usage policies and procedures are enforced.

Making Retail Mobile First

A major beauty retailer uses MobileIron to let retail and traveling sales staff access product collateral on iPads, recommend and deliver the most helpful apps, empower field sales reps to take orders on iPads, and reduce printing costs. The company is also deploying iPads to its in-store employees to allow them to access a wider range of interactive product information. To read the full case study click here.

Key Features for Retail:

Mobile Device Management - MDM

  • Multi-OS support for mobile operating systems including iOS, Android and Windows Phone as well as next-generation laptop operating systems such as Windows 8.1 and OS X.
  • Our platform enables BYOD Programs as customers can provision and selectively wipe business data on an end-user’s device, including business email, apps, content, settings, and certificates, without wiping personal content contained on the device
  • Fast and simple switching between multi-users so that a shared device is quickly personalized, secured, and ready to use. Because the device always remains under management, even between end-users, it can be locked, wiped, located, and connected at any time if necessary.
  • Specific policies can be set by broad or granular groups to enable location, store or user specific policies. These groups could be already established in the corporate directory or newly established for the mobile deployment.
  • Closed-loop compliance model allows IT to set compliance rules up-front and apply them to the relevant groups of devices and end-users. Devices, apps, and users that are non-compliant are identified automatically, notified, and prevented from accessing business data as needed.
  • Certificate-based authentication preserves device and user identity and improves the user experience by not requiring ongoing username/password logins. Our platform has broad support for identity through both an embedded Certificate Authority (CA) as well as deep integration with enterprise certificate authorities from Entrust, Microsoft, and Symantec.
  • Rich API integration allows for the extraction of mobile data for analysis and also the incorporation of MobileIron functionality into existing workflows that the organization might have for employee onboarding, patient care, or claims management.

Mobile Application Management - MAM

  • Apps@Work provides a scalable system for publishing and provisioning internal and external mobile enterprise apps.
  • AppConnect containerizes applications to protect app data-at-rest and provides secure tunneling to protect app data-in-motion.
  • When deploying web apps, MobileIron Web@Work provides secure enterprise access and containerization of cached HTML 5 data.

Mobile Content Management - MCM

  • Mobile Data Loss Prevention (DLP) ccontrols for email, email attachments, documents, native apps, and web apps.
  • MobileIron Docs@Work provides secure remote access to local storage of SharePoint documents.
  • When deploying web apps, MobileIron Web@Work provides secure enterprise access and containerization of cached HTML 5 data.