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Fran Thorpe | January 17, 2018

The new normal: IT says “yes” to iOS for line-of-business digital transformation

Despite executives’ consensus that digital transformation is business-critical, over 60% of executives believe they are behind, according to Forrester. Digital transformation is expensive; CEOs are looking for operational savings or net new business to...

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Fran Thorpe | December 18, 2017

MobileIron and IOS customers choose Modern Work to deliver a differentiated experience to 100,000s of their customers.

The votes are in and we’ve got a shortlist of the most transformative examples of Modern Work from MobileIron customers in 2017. There is a trend which crosses verticals — smart teams see customer experience as a disruptive...

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Rich Festante | October 18, 2017


In a recent post, we went through an overview of how to secure iOS 11’s new OAuth 2.0 email feature available and how an enterprise can mitigate against the risk of non-compliant devices accessing Office 365.  For those that wish to have more of an overview, you can find it...

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Anne D'Angelo | September 22, 2017

Apple ARKit

Augmented reality (AR) and machine learning (ML) technologies have been around for years, but until now their use has mostly been limited to processing massive volumes of cloud data for specialized industries and applications. For instance, AR applications have been used in military systems for years, and online retailers have always used some form of ML to better...

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Anne D'Angelo | September 14, 2017

iOS 11

On Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the highly anticipated iPhone X, calling it "the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone." Apple also released the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, each a compelling new entry on their own. The new iPhones join the already robust portfolio of new products released in the...

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Rich Festante | September 12, 2017

iOS 11, OAuth 2.0 and Office365


Based on the latest beta builds, Apple has added OAuth 2.0 support for Microsoft Exchange accounts in iOS 11, showing an increased commitment to device security. In my opinion, this may be iOS 11’s least talked about, but most impactful feature for enterprises because of the implications for securing iOS with Office 365...

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Cat Reu | August 15, 2017

From PC to iPad: How mobile is transforming businesses operations

Organizations everywhere are realizing that legacy PC computing architectures can no longer support complex, fast-paced global operations. Inventory and sales processes alone demand mobile and cloud computing solutions to help increase business agility and enable employees to perform critical tasks wherever they are...

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Cat Reu | August 8, 2017

Mobile HR scheduling with iPad keeps supply lines moving

MobileIron customers across every industry are deploying more iOS devices to create competitive advantage by transforming legacy workflows. Thanks to the Apple...

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Cat Reu | August 1, 2017

MobileIron customers are all-in on Apple for business transformation

In Apple’s Q2 earnings call, Luca Maestri stated that Apple’s “products continue to be extremely popular and drive more business transformation in the enterprise market,” without sharing any specific details. Today, Apple released very positive results in their Q3...

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Kevin Hsu | June 22, 2017

Courtesy of WWDC 2017

Apple has been very clear about its agenda to grow enterprise-related business. But when it comes to WWDC, enterprise-focused topics are not necessarily obvious in the main stage keynotes. In order to commit to a platform, enterprise app...

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