State of the Mobile Hack

State of the Mobile Hack

Presented by: Mike Raggo, MobileIron Director of Security Research

The mobile threat landscape is evolving. Stagefright, KeyRaider, XcodeGhost, and other mobile malware are impacting users’ mobile devices. Furthermore, users continue to use public WiFi and personal cloud services, while also introducing smart watches to the work environment. This broadens the landscape for possible data loss. Mobile threat awareness is key and provides the basis for fortifying your mobile security strategy.

In this webinar, Michael Raggo, Director, Security Research, MobileIron, will review:

  • Up-to-date overview of the mobile threat landscape, highlighting the latest risks, threats, and trends
  • Breakdown of the latest threats including mobile malware, device compromises, smartwatches, and network risks
  • Mitigation techniques for employing proactive and reactive controls to protect mobile enterprise data and avoid a data breach
  • Best practices model for fortifying your mobile enterprise security strategy