MobileIron Pricing and Packaging

MobileIron Pricing and Packaging

MobileIron’s unified mobile and cloud security platform enables business productivity while meeting IT security requirements, enabling today’s enterprises to become truly Mobile and Cloud First.

MobileIron’s Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) bundles are designed to support the three main phases of an organization’s Mobile First journey: 1) device and email security, 2) mobile app and content enablement, and 3) business and IT transformation. Each bundle provides essential capabilities required to successfully achieve each phase of the Mobile First journey. In addition to the EMM bundles, MobileIron’s cloud security products help reduce security risks as organizations transition from a legacy PC to a Mobile-Cloud environment.

Mobile Security: EMM Silver EMM Gold EMM Platinum
MobileIron Monitor    
ServiceConnect Integrations    
MobileIron Bridge Add on SKU, requires MobileIron EMM bundles
Cloud Security:      
MobileIron Access Add on SKU, MobileIron EMM Gold bundle recommended

NOTE: Product availability might vary based upon mobile operating systems and deployment mode. Please consult with a MobileIron representative for further information.

MobileIron Product Packaging

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MobileIron Cloud Pricing Packaging

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Choice and Flexibility for Customers:

Any mobile device management or EMM solution comparison should include flexible licensing and pricing models that align with today's enterprise-wide mobile usage scenarios. MobileIron customers can choose to buy their mobile software licenses based on the total number of users or devices that will be managed.

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Know your licensing model

Per User License

User Licensing

Best when people use more than one device.

  • One license per user
  • Max of 3 devices/user
Per Device License

Device Licensing

Best when people use only one device.

  • One license per device

Know your licensing deployment model

Deployment on Demand


MobileIron’s on-premises mobility platform is packaged as an easy-to-install software or hardware appliance. Designed for efficiency, it plugs into your corporate network and is usually ready to manage devices in less than a day. The on-premises MobileIron solution can be licensed on a perpetual or subscription basis. This deployment model is best when IT wants to manage its mobile software infrastructure.

Cloud Deployment

Cloud Managed

The MobileIron mobility platform is also available as a cloud deployment. The MobileIron Cloud solution integrates tightly with on-premise enterprise messaging and security systems, such as corporate email and corporate directories and is best when IT wants their mobile software infrastructure managed externally. The cloud deployment option is offered on a subscription basis.