MobileIron Core

MobileIron Core

A key component to the MobileIron Platform is MobileIron Core, which integrates with backend enterprise IT systems and enables IT to define security and management policies for mobile devices, desktops, apps and content. Core can be extended through our APIs to integrate with the offerings of our Technology Partners.



Core enables the following areas of functionality:




Mobile Device Management

Our MDM capabilities enable IT to securely manage mobile devices and desktops across modern operating systems and provide secure corporate email, automatic device configuration, certificate-based security, and selective wiping of enterprise data from both corporate-owned as well as user-owned devices.

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Mobile Application Management

Our MAM functionality helps IT manage the entire application lifecycle, from making the applications available in the enterprise app storefront, securing applications on mobile devices and desktops, enforcing user authentication, isolating them from personal apps, and retiring them as necessary.


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Mobile Content Management

Our MCM functionality enables IT to provide access to enterprise documents residing in SharePoint, file shares, and other content management systems so users can access them securely from any mobile device or desktop. It also secures email attachments so that they are encrypted and can only be viewed with the Docs@Work or other enterprise application managed by MobileIron.

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Data Reporting, Analytics, and Insight

Enterprise mobile computing is a mission critical and integral component of the IT infrastructure. Administrators need real time operational intelligence solutions to manage and maintain the posture, usage of mobile devices and applications globally. MobileIron Core collects over 200 fields of data with device, application, user metrics, and status which administrators can use to analyze, visualize, and get actionable insights into their mobile infrastructure.


Splunk Forwarder & Splunk App for MobileIron:

Administrators can correlate mobile & network machine generated data in order to diagnose infrastructure problems.

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Reporting Database

MobileIron Reporting Database:

Administrators can include mobile device data in third party reporting solutions like Tableau, Crystal Reports, and QlikView.


CSV Export

CSV Export:

Gives administrators a  fast and simple way to export ad hoc reports into Excel for easy filtering, formatting, and analysis.

Dashboard Widgets

Dashboard Widgets:

New dashboard widgets deliver a better way to pull information from the MobileIron Reporting Database.

Visual Privacy Drives User Trust

Mobile is very personal. With users carrying so much personal information on their mobile devices, it is important for them to know what the enterprise is able to see when they register their device with an EMM platform. The Visual Privacy capabilities provide transparency to employees by allowing them to view exactly which data their company can see and which actions their company can take on the device. This level of transparency drives user trust and the Visual Privacy capabilities allows companies to greatly narrow the trust gap between them and their employees. Employees have peace-of-mind and this accelerates their adoption of new mobile enterprise services and BYOD programs.

Windows 10 Support

Windows 10 is now here and marks a major milestone for enterprises. The release of Windows 10 marks the convergence of traditional Windows operating systems to allow for security and management through a unified set of EMM API’s across mobile, desktop and embedded products. MobileIron Core 8.0 offers complete compatibility with Windows 10, allowing for users with new Windows 10 devices to enroll with MobileIron EMM. It also means that users with existing Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone 8.1 devices already enrolled with MobileIron EMM can effortlessly upgrade to Windows 10 and stay productive.

Android Enterprise Support

With Android enterprise, IT organizations can secure enterprise apps, manage disparate devices, and separate work and personal data at the OS level in a consistent manner across all Android devices. It is important to note that Android enterprise features can only be implemented by using an EMM platform. MobileIron Core supports Android enterprise allowing organizations to effortlessly secure and manage a range of Android devices at scale as they come into the enterprise.

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Flexible Delegation with Spaces

MobileIron Core allows IT to establish data and task boundaries to protect user privacy and provide flexible delegation of IT responsibilities. Secure spaces with delegated administration and role based access enables the global IT lead to provide local IT or helpdesk admins with access to key systems based on their role within the organization and even distribute apps within certain spaces. Global IT teams can also determine which devices local IT or helpdesk admins can see and what they can do on those devices. This enables global organizations to gain flexibility and create secure spaces for various functions within which they can complete key actions, while ensuring user privacy.

On-the-go Management with Insight

MobileIron Insight is a native mobile app, designed to help IT Admins take a Mobile First approach towards managing their mobile deployments. With Insight, the industry-leading MobileIron EMM admin portal goes mobile, enabling IT administrators to easily view, monitor, and manage mobile devices at any time, no matter where they are. A great administration and help desk tool, supporting both on premise and cloud EMM platforms, Insight allows admins to do key things like view the status of mobile deployments across their company, search for users and devices, drill down on specific device info, and troubleshoot issues and manage devices, all without being tied to a desktop or laptop. IT admins can even use Insight to view multiple Core instances at the same time, enhancing efficiency and the ability to take proactive action. This app is available on both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, in 18 languages.

Secure Mobile Access to Google Apps

Enterprises are increasingly migrating from on premise to cloud-based solutions for mission-critical business productivity apps.  In keeping with this trend, many enterprises are interested in migrating from their existing PIM solutions to Google Apps. However for many security conscious enterprises, delivering Active Directory credentials to the Google cloud prevents them from moving forward on their cloud-related migration plans, leaving them unable to take advantage of the many benefits of a cloud-based offering.  This issue is resolved by creating and managing Google Apps passwords on MobileIron Core enabling enterprises to go live with Google’s PIM products on mobile using ActiveSync. This frees up enterprises who desire the benefits of cloud-based apps such as ease of deployment and a simpler subscription model without sacrificing security. Currently, password management for Google Apps is supported on iOS and Android.

Integration with Microsoft SCCM Delivers Enhanced Visibility

MobileIron now offers real time connectivity between Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and MobileIron Core, offering enterprise IT a quick and easy way to view status of mobile devices directly from the SCCM console.  This provides enhanced visibility into mobile deployments which results in greater IT efficiency. With this integration, there is no need to do a constant refresh of the entire device catalog and SCCM can do a real-time query to the MobileIron Core to get a snapshot of mobile device status. IT admins can now take certain actions on mobile devices directly from the SCCM console such as locking, unlocking, wiping, and retiring a device as well as enabling a forced check-in as needed.