Everyone has had the frustrating experience of trying to fix something on their mobile device for hours. Trying to explain the problem to help desk staff can be a difficult and time consuming experience, leaving the IT Administrator and the user frustrated.

Help@Work transforms the help desk experience for iOS and Android devices by allowing users to ask for help with a click of a button and to share their screen with a help desk agent. Users no longer waste valuable time trying to verbalize the issue, and IT staff is more efficient when troubleshooting device issues. With Help@Work, support desks get a rich diagnostic experience that streamlines problem solving.

Simple, Fast, and Effective Support

  • Simplified remote diagnostics for mobile devices
  • Users easily enabled to request help
  • Remote screen viewing
  • Remote screen control (Android only)
  • Screen sharing via WAN, Wi-Fi, or cellular
  • Customizable a number of ways from simple text to logo updates